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Chapter 1 Introduction     

 INTRODUCTION 2012.ppt  

Chapter 2 Function of the Cell

Section 1 2011 membrant transportation.ppt

section 2 2011 transmembrane potential.ppt

section 3 2011 muscle contraction.ppt

Chapter 3 Blood

BLOOD new.ppt 

Chapter 4 Cardiovascular Physiology

Section 1.ppt The Heart as a Pump

section 2.ppt Electrical Properties of the Cardiac Cell

section 3.ppt  Blood Vessels

Section 4.ppt Regulation of the Cardiovascular System

Chapter 5 Respiratory Physiology

Part 1 Structure and function of the respiratory system.ppt

Part 2 Mechanical properties of the lung and chest wall.ppt

Part 3 respiratory gases exchange.ppt

Part 4 Oxygen and carbon dioxide transport in blood.ppt

Part 5 Control of Respiration.ppt

Chapter  6  Gastrointestinal Physiology

Part I Introduction.ppt 

Part II Gastric Motility.ppt

Part III Intestinal and colonic motility.ppt

Part IV Gastrointestinal Secretions.ppt

Chapter 7 Metabolism and Body Temperature


Chapter 8 Renal Physiology

Renal Physiology.ppt

Chapter 9  Sense Organs

sense organs.ppt

Chapter  10 Nervous System

nervous system part 1 introduction.ppt

nervous system part 2 synapse.ppt

nervous system part 3 sensory function.ppt

nervous sytem part 4 motor function.ppt

nervous system part 5 autonomic system.ppt

nervous system part 6 EEG, walkfulness and sleep.ppt

nervous system part 7 higher function.ppt

nervous system part 8 Language and Brain.ppt

Chapter 11 Endocrine System

Endocrine system I.ppt

Endocrine system II.ppt

Chapter 12 Reproductive System

Reproductive System.ppt