Personal and Professional Development
Applied to courses : 个人与专业发展(通选)(0251800210),个人与专业发展(通选双语)(0251800811),个人与专业发展(通选)(0251900210),个人与专业发展(通选双语)(0251900811),个人与专业发展(25058000),个人与专业发展(通选)(sd02510040),个人与专业发展(通选双语)(sd02510051)【 Cits :8143】

Course description

The course aims to promoting physical and mental health and development as well as career planning from late adolescents to early adults, including topics on ecological health and development, development assets, gender development, professionalization, stress management and resilience building, career planning, life learning and mentorship, together with participatory field learning to foster critical thinking, creativity and interdisciplinary team work competency.